Fun Learning at Fauna Land, Ancol

Fun Learning at Fauna Land, Ancol


Assalamu’alaikum.. In last September, the first grader students went to Fauna Land, Ancol. They had so much fun learning there! We called this activity as Field Trip program. It’s learning activities outside the classroom. This activity trains independence, responsibility and trains students’ awareness of the surrounding environment. Especially with animals. Students can create all forms of power and thought efforts contained in various field trip activities.

Students are able to get to know all the animals found in Fauna Land, are responsible for goods brought, discipline time in all activities, and are able to retell Field Trip activities in oral form. Our destination was Fauna Land, Ancol. Fauna Land is a modern zoo, located in Ancol Dreamland, which is the largest theme park in Southeast Asia and also a business entity owned by the Jakarta regional government (BUMD). The 5-hectare Fauna Land is built on the architectural theme of Papua and uses an open concept for its animals. Visitors can interact directly closely with unique and rare animals in beautiful green nature such as their habitat. Fauna Land is also a conservation institution that combines entertainment and education at the same time in order to invite the public to learn and care and provide positive action to animals and the surrounding environment. Fauna Land is a trusted conservation institution because it often gets awards from both domestic and overseas. 

             As an educational tool or Indonesian people to participate in preserving the wealth of Indonesian Fauna which plays an important role in the integrity of ecosystems that have an impact on human welfare. In addition to collaborating with foreign institutions, Fauna Land will also conduct study tour tours from elementary schools to universities and become a research center for Indonesian Biodiversity and preservation.

             Fauna Land Ancol has several types of wild animals which are rare in Indonesia today. Take this opportunity to get closer to the animals you want to meet. You can meet and interact with Birds, White Lion, Golden Cat, Leopard Tiger, Proboscis Monkey, Orangutan, and Leopard from small to large sizes.


Petting Zone is zone to train the students courage and knowledge about the animals in Faunaland. Students can interact with animals and ask about educating these animals with the supervision of our experienced keepers. 

Fauna Land also presents the Intractive Free Flight Bird Show as one of the means of educating the public about bird species both from the species of parrots, hornbill, to predatory birds, the majority of which are Indonesian pride birds.




We had so much fun at Fauna Land. It was an amazing experience for us. All first grader students, teachers and parents (korlas) was happy and satisfied with this fun field trip. Thank you for reading our article. Wassalamu’alaikum.. 

Don’t forget to take a picture there! Say cheese!

Kelas 1A ( Ibu Ai dan Ibu Nini)


Kelas 1B (Miss Runi dan Miss Aida)


Kelas 1C (Bu Tari dan Bu Nabila)


Kelas 1D (Bu Dian dan Bu Karina)


Kelas 1E (Bu Mindi dan Bu Izmi)